Our Story


We founded Mont Gele Gear® with the two principal aims:

1) to produce the finest premium ski gear from the highest quality materials currently available, without cutting any corners, and still offering everything at a fair price; and

2) to do so with full transparency and a long-term commitment to 100% sustainability.

Mindful of fast changing attitudes in the industry and witnessing first hand the effects of climate change at the summit of Mont Gelé in January 2019, we resolved to build Mont Gele Gear® as a brand rooted in sustainability, ethical business practices and philanthropic action.

When we first approached our manufacturers, we asked them to think outside the box and work with us to produce beautifully designed and technically superior pieces, with an attention to detail and level of quality rarely seen in the industry. The result is that the cost price of some of the gear that we have for sale exceeds the retail price of a great deal of ski gear sold by other brands which is currently on the market.

You can therefore rest assured that when you buy gear from us, you’re getting the absolute highest quality products, and always at a fair price. And, if that isn’t enough, we promise that we’ll always be fully transparent about the source of our materials, the business practices and locations of our suppliers, the costs of bringing all our products to market (including the profit that we make) and the unique carbon footprint of everything that we sell.

Right now, while many of our products are already manufactured from materials which come from sustainable sources, the premium quality of our gear necessitates certain materials which unfortunately cannot yet be derived from 100% sustainable sources. However, it’s our long-term goal to produce all of our gear from sustainable sources, and we’ll constantly strive to make this a reality (and we promise to keep you up-to-date on our progress).

In the meantime, we’re doing everything that we can to run Mont Gele Gear® as sustainably as possible, including partnering with Forestmatic to offset our entire carbon footprint, and establishing a ‘give back’ initiative, Off Piste . On Course. Please see our MISSION and OPOC pages for further information.


Come and visit us at our new flagship store in Verbier! Our store stocks our entire range (subject to availability), we have a coffee bar serving the freshest roasts in conjunction with The Goodlife Coffee Company, and we’ve also got a gallery exhibiting the work of local artists and photographers, so there’s something for everyone:

Mont Gele Gear®
14 Route des Creux
1936 Verbier

And here we are on Google Maps.

Our opening hours will vary throughout the 20/21 season, so we’d recommend that you check Google before visiting.

Our Team

Tom Bata wo background

Tom Bata

CEO & Founder

Lifelong mountain sports enthusiast with experience living and working on three continents. I learned how to ski before I could walk and I’ve been skiing in Verbier since childhood. I held various marketing and management roles in the fashion industry before taking the MGG leap.

Lenka Mulabegovic wo background

Lenka Mulabegovič

Fashion Designer

Fashion designer with a particular passion for streetwear, sportswear and denim. I founded Mi Fashion Label in 2014, which focuses on small exclusive collections inspired by art, graphics, architecture, global street style and sports, with a focus on ecology, ethics and recycling.

Rohit Chandra Mouli wo background

Rohit Chandra Mouli

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

An adaptable multicultural technophile with a passion for freeriding, football and digital marketing. I want to make a meaningful contribution to the teams I support and to know that the work I’m doing is having a positive impact. Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical!

Friedi Feige wo background

Friedi Feige

Circularity Manager

Sustainability guru with a background in infectious disease microbiology and public health. I’ve lived on three continents and am happiest when outside enjoying nature, biking, hiking or making the most of snow in the mountains.

Charlie Cazalet wo background

Charlie Cazalet

Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Freeski obsessed Japanophile, photographer, fly fisher, guitarist and Hendrix superfan. Happiest when embracing RV life and ski touring deep in the Hokkaido backcountry. Lawyer in a distant former life, and then I saw the light.

Patrik Pavlicek wo background

Patrik Pavlíček

COO & Head of Design

Born in Prague, I’ve worked in the design and fashion industry for the past 15 years. With my background in international fashion, I’ve overseen collaborations in Europe and the Far East, which gives me a unique perspective. My pastimes include travelling, golf, opera and snowboarding.

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